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[ customer service ]

We are committed to providing the best possible customer service, working together with each individual client to ensure satisfaction rates are high and we are meeting your requirements during every project.

Our highly skilled and trained team are extremely respectful and considerate of all clients and we make sure to keep everyone informed of the process and timescales of their projects. We understand every client and every job is unique, so we create tailored solutions that are mutually beneficial and will result in the best outcome for the job at hand. During projects, we ensure there is a single point of contact for each client to ensure communication is simple and streamlined. We want to make it as easy as possible to find out about their project with jumping through hoops and having repetitive conversations. A bespoke performance management for each client allows us to be transparent and provide an effective service that is consistent and reactive.

Caring for customers at The Painter and Decorator Contractor

  • Considerate and caring team who put the needs of the client first
  • Encourage feedback to listen to our clients and react to their responses
  • Build strong relationships and work together
  • Provide a consistent and outstanding service
  • Consider everyone from the client to who the project will effect (i.e. general public or staff)
  • Maintaining high satisfaction rates is our top priority
  • Tailored solutions with a single point of contact


We encourage our clients to provide feedback where possible, so we can listen and react to anything that needs addressing. As a business, we believe it’s important to ask for feedback to know what we are doing right and if there are any improvements to be made.

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